Social Media ROI Course: Measuring Social Media from First Touch to Sale

If you want to use Social Media to grow your business,
really KNOW what is working for YOU.

Are you spending your time in the right places online?

Do you wonder if you have to be active on ALL of the social media platforms to keep your business competitive, or is focusing on one or two enough?

Do you know exactly how your social media activity is impacting your bottom line? Is it helping you or are you wasting your time?

Many people think that measuring social media effectiveness is hard or terribly confusing so they just keep posting and posting hoping it helps them.

What if I told you that Social Media is one of the easiest forms of marketing to measure?

What if I could give you the exact step-by-step system that I have used with my own clients over the years?

Would that make your life easier?

I’ve been where you are and felt what you’re feeling.

When I started using social media for marketing, I spent countless hours watching what others were doing and trying everything I thought of to get some traction. When something got some attention and engagement, that meant success to me and I’d even do little happy dance.

As time went on, I started to figure out that what I thought was effective, may instead have been just entertaining… it didn’t always have an effect on profits. There was no Return on my Investment of my Time.

And I didn’t like that much. I mean, it’s fun to have a popular post but it’s MORE fun when it does bump up the bottom line a little too (or a lot).

Then when it came to my work with my clients, I wanted to be able to prove my worth and earn my keep with them. To do that, I had to find a way to show them that what I was doing for them was working – that my work for them was worth. And honestly, I really did want to know.

So, I went to work figuring out how to figure that out. Eventually, I got it! I created a step-by-step system that allowed me to understand and measure the effectiveness of my efforts on Social Media.

And now, I’ve created a course to show YOU how to do this too!

Who this course is for:

This course is perfect for the following types of people:

-Small- and medium-sized businesses who want to measure their social media ROI the right way

-Intermediate to Advanced social media users who need to know what is working for them on social media

-Consultants or agencies who are managing social media marketing for clients and want to improve their results

This course is not a good fit for:

-People who are brand new to social media and don’t have the basics down yet

-People who are just getting started online and don’t have a website

-People who don’t care if social media is working for them or not

-People who don’t have the ability to add Google Analytics to their website

And don’t worry, you don’t need to have an active blog, a huge audience, or know all the ins and outs of Google Analytics and UTM Links for this to be an effective course for you!

I will teach you exactly what you need to know to use this system and to amp up your social media presence!

YES! You CAN measure which status update, or tweet, lead to the most revenue.

YES! You CAN see what people actually do on your website after they come in from a Pin.

YES! You CAN see which post gave you the most opt-ins for your special offer.

I created this course to help you cut through the clutter of information, set up a strategic system of measurements, and really understand your social media return on investment.

So, who am I to teach this?

Well, here’s my official bio…

Andrea Vahl is a Social Media Consultant and Speaker and is the co-author of Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies and was the Community Manager for Social Media Examiner, one of the most influential social media news sites, for over 2 years and was named 50 Favorite Online Influencers of 2014 on and 21 Best Blogs for 2016 on She is the co-founder of Social Media Manager School and also uses her Improv comedy skills to blog as a slightly cranky character, Grandma Mary – Social Media Edutainer.‏

All that to say, I’ve got your back!

Andrea Vahl

When you know how to measure your Social Media ROI you will:

-Know what types of posts your audience likes and responds to so you can give them more of those

-Know what types of online campaigns work best so you can run those & not recreate the wheel each time

-Know what you can stop doing and what you should do more of because no one likes wasting time

-Know exactly how social media is helping your business or what you can do for better results

Are you still with me? Good! Let’s dive into some details on specifically what this course covers:

Module 1: Setting Up Meaningful Goals

icon-mod1More Sales is definitely the end goal for most businesses, but there is more to what social media does for you than that. So, how do you measure the steps along the way? How does social media assist in making a sale?

In this module, we learn about the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and set the stage for measuring them.

After mastering this module you will:

  • Understand exactly what can be measured and tracked
  • Know how to assess your Key Performance Indicators (complete with examples from different industries)
  • Know how to align your social media goals with your business goals
  • Learn and understand the systems and tools you will use in your personal ROI measurement process

Module 2 – Measurement Setup and Integration

icon-mod2In this module, we cover the process of setting up Google Analytics, UTM Links, Google Goals, as well as integration with your e-mail system, shopping cart, and sales funnels. I will show you how to set up systems for different types of content (blog, promotional, and list-building content). You will learn what to do with each of these three things so you can analyze and interpret the success of each initiative.

You will learn:

  • What you MUST have in place on your website before you start
  • How to organize your e-mail system to track social media influenced activity
  • How to set up Google Goals to measure the things you need to measure
  • How to integrate UTM Links into your marketing efforts (with a complete plug and play spreadsheet that is done for you you)

Module 3 – Social Analytics System

icon-mod3In this module, we go through each social media analytics platform so you know what you need to watch and what you can ignore. You’ll get my system for downloading and analyzing analytics so you don’t have to create everything yourself.

You will:

  • Learn how to do a high-level review of your stats on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and LinkedIn
  • Learn how to do a deep-dive into these stats to really understand what is working best for you
  • Get a key list of stats to review and a schedule of when you need to review them
  • Gain an understanding of Social Ads analytics – learn what measurements you can see on each platform and what you need to watch. (Note: This course doesn’t teach how to do the ads, just how to measure their effectiveness.)

Module 4 – Troubleshooting and Improving Your Results

icon-mod4This module will teach you how to determine your problem areas (where you’re not getting the results you want) and you’ll get tactics you can use to improve them. You will learn how to set up different tests for campaigns, and how to work measurement into your busy schedule (no one wants to spend hours looking at too much data). I’ll show you some secrets for how to set up some dashboards for quick assessments and where to go from there.

You will learn:

  • How to automate your reporting (because automation cures headaches… really!)
  • What types of split-tests to run to see what tactics are working best and how to interpret those results
  • How to spot your best converting content and how to set up a forward-looking strategy for growth
  • What tools to use now and what you will find most helpful as you grow


Because well, who doesn’t love Bonuses?! Here are some EXTRAS you can look forward to:

BONUS #1: Automated UTM Link Creator Template

You get a pre-populated template that will house your content links, opt-in links, and sales links so you can house those all in one place. This allows anyone on your team to create links or reference links to insure you are always tracking properly.

BONUS #2: Social Reporting Software

Included with your course purchase, you get 1 year’s access to automated software that allows you to pull in up to 20 different social media channels to one dashboard. The same software I use. You can use it to watch all your social stats in one place – super convenient.

You get tutorials on how to use the software and how to interpret the data to make strategic decisions about where to focus your energy.

If you decide you want to continue using the software after the first year, as an alumni of the Social Media ROI course, you’ll receive a deep discount on the renewal.

BONUS #3: Private Facebook Group

You will also have free access for one year to the Social Media ROI private Facebook group where you can ask questions, get feedback, or suggestions on how to improve your stats or your campaign. It’s a great way to up with what’s currently working.

After the first year, your group membership PLUS access to the Social Media Reporting Software (Bonus #2 above) is an annual subscription of just $167/year.

A Proficiency Assessment

Upon completion of the course, you may take an assessment to certify that you understand the material that has been covered. This certification may be used to help solidify your Social Media ROI expert status.

Listen to what our students are saying:

I’ve been working as a social media manager and consultant for local businesses for 6+ years and a common problem I see is that businesses don’t take the steps to track and measure their marketing results from their online efforts. Most businesses wrongly assume that it’s not working if it doesn’t result in an immediate business transaction.

With the Social Media ROI Course, Andrea has helped me refine my analytics skills and provided the tools I need to quantify my efforts on behalf of my paying clients. As a result I have less turnover of social media management clients because I can now show them the digital equity I am helping them build for their business.

Tracy Raiteri

Social Media Consultant , Townsville Social Media Marketing

I have been working as a Social Media Manager and Internet Marketing Consultant for over 4 years. The opportunity to participate in Andrea Vahl’s Social Media ROI course came at just the right time.

The program is well structured, contains a wealth of content, bonuses, and step-by-step instructions for using the recommended tools.

In addition to describing how to determine and measure Key Performance Indicators, Andrea shares her knowledge of the marketing funnel and how to measure “social media from first touch to sale”. She also dives into analytics for Google, Facebook, Twitter and more. Then, she demonstrates how to put it all together and move forward.

I feel I have a much better understanding of how to help my clients set goals, track conversions, and demonstrate the value of social media marketing as part of the overall marketing strategy. I’ve already started using what I’ve learned in my own business.

Kelly Butcher

Social Media Manager, Simplification Services

To Recap…

Each module contains 5 lessons. They are designed to be value-packed, super-practical and easy to use and absorb by any type of learner. You can decide exactly how you want consume the content so you get the most out of the material:

-Visual Learner? Watch the recorded video lessons

-More of an audio sort or need to learn on the go? Download the mp3 and take it with you

-Prefer to read? You can access the slides and transcripts for each individual lesson. Personally, when I take training courses, I find it most effective to have slides and transcripts in front of me while I’m watching or listening to trainings.

-Whatever your preference happens to be, all the materials are there for you and you will have lifetime access to them.

So, How Much Does ALL Of This Cost?

Not as much as you might expect! …or as much as it will be a month from now.

You Get The Social Media ROI Course
(Payment Plan Available)

The Social Media ROI Course is backed by my No Risk Guarantee.

It’s simple really… Join me. Take the course. Do the work. And at the end, if you don’t agree that I have provided the value I said I would, email me within 2 weeks of the course completion and I will refund your money.

Why would I do this? I’m 100% willing and happy to assume the risk here because I believe in the incredible value provided by this course. It’s something I’m extremely proud of and stand strongly behind because I know it works – I created it for myself and I still use it. You have no risk involved – just do it!

Get Started Now!

andrea-vahlIf you are playing for success in this Social Media marketing world you must master social media measurement skills – this Social Media ROI Course is your perfect solution.

You’ll finally take the guesswork out of social media marketing and start benefiting from the incredible power of measurement.

This course is going to save you time and money – two of your most valuable assets! When you know exactly how your social media efforts are impacting your business, you can do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

This is a great opportunity at a great price – it’s a steal at only $597 (you’ll save waaayyy more than that once you start using the techniques). Grab your seat in the program by clicking the button below, and I look forward to working with you!

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